So many samples so little time!

Well, after a year of hard work the day has finally come! Last Friday, we drove over to the post office and handed a small box off. Inside of that box you ask? Raw insulation, samples, and other materials. This box is headed to our manufacturer so that they can create factory samples for us and finally get our production run going. This is huge. In the next few weeks we will receive a financial report that will allow us to get our Kickstarter off the ground! It’s been an incredible eleven months of learning and the time is finally drawing near to launch and get this product into your hands.

What’s next? You are going to start seeing a lot of Cold Case in the media. We are pushing hard with press releases and social media campaigns. If you know someone who might love our brand, please spread the word! We can not begin to express our gratitude for your support. So, let’s all raise a toast and say cheers to Cold Case Gear in 2019!

Oh, and look for a huge website relaunch coming soon.

Until next time,

Jon Rosenberg


Jon Rosenberg