A little bit about Cold Case Gear


The Cold Case. Insulation and impact protection for your phone.

Cold Case Gear started as just a simple idea. There has to be a way to keep batteries from dying in the winter. At Cold Case Gear, we love to recreate when the mercury plummets. When the temperature is low and the snow blankets the Earth, so much more solitude can be found than in the summer. A problem that we would always run into when out on extended trips was that all of our batteries would die, despite our best and most vigilant efforts. So, in January of 2018, owner/founder Jon Rosenberg decided it was time to play around with this idea that had been nagging him. It started out as a simple experiment with a $40 dollar purchase from an Etsy store. Well, as it turns out, the test provided incredible results. 

Fast forward just over six months and we are getting ready to launch our Kickstarter campaign! We truly couldn't be more excited. Cold Case Gear will offer innovative insulated products that will provide tremendous utility to mountaineers, skiiers, backpackers, and anybody who spends time outdoors. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us to find out more!

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Thank you so much for checking us out. 

Jon Rosenberg